Phasing Out Pre-Euro IV Diesel Commercial Vehicles

Phasing Out Pre-Euro IV  Diesel Commercial Vehicles


To improve roadside air quality and better protect public health, the Government has confirmed to phase out the Pre-Euro IV diesel commercial vehicles. Based on their first registration dates, Pre-Euro, Euro I, Euro II and Euro III vehicles will be phased out and ex-gratia payment will be granted accordingly by different retirement deadlines.

Unless they can comply with the latest emission standards, the Government will stop issuing licenses with specified dates. The specified dates are:

1) based on their first registration date. Please refer to “Your Payment Details” page for further information.

2) for those with the registration date on or after 1 February 2014, it will be the day before their 15th anniversary date of the first registration of the vehicles.

Deadlines for Ex-Gratia Payment

Starting from 1 March 2014, the qualified pre-Euro IV vehicle owners can apply for the ex-gratia payment according to the designated deadlines. Deadlines are as follows:

Pre-Euro 31 December 2015
Euro I 31 December 2016
Euro II 31 December 2017
Euro III 30 June 2020

*Please refer to Environmental Protection Department for the most up-to-date information. For details, please click here to visit Environmental Protection Department