About Hino


Hino is a transnational commercial vehicle manufacturer, and it was established in 1942. After years of studying and developing commercial vehicles, the technology and design of Hino is at the top range of the market. All Hino vehicles aim to commit and promise two values: "UP time 100%" and "Minimization of vehicle lifetime cost". As being a commercial vehicle specialist, Hino also concerns about the users' needs by adding safety equipment for drivers and passengers to maintaining as a market leader.


Crown Motors Limited

Crown Motors Limited was established in 1966, is the sole distributor for Toyota and Hino commercial vehicles. CML operates various showrooms, service centres and parts centres, all conveniently located across Hong Kong and ready to provide comprehensive service to every customer, as needed, when needed. With its "Customer First" philosophy, CML is constantly introducing new leading-edge products and services to satisfy the needs of various customer segments.

Hino Sales Service

Hino Sales Service Team is formed by talented and experienced specialists that have extensive truck knowledge and the latest truck market trends. Our specialists ensure the best and caring attitude to help our customers to choose the most appropriated model trucks, box and other accessories for rising up customers' businesses.

Hino Sales Service