Monthly Loan Indemnity

Hino Vehicle Insurance provides you with Extra Benefits on the top of basic protection for loss of or damage to your vehicle and your legal liability

Get a maximum HK$7,500 of monthly repayment amount, until the insured vehicle owner can resume duty or a maximum 3 months, whichever comes earlier, if:

  1. The insured vehicle is on hire purchase
  2. The vehicle owner suffers an accidental injury due to a road accident whilst driving the insured vehicle resolts in hospitalization for 10 consecutive days or above
  3. The vehicle owner cannot attend to the usual occupation

New for Old Replacement

Replacement with a new vehicle of the same model if it is less than 12 months old and sustains a total loss in an accident or theft.

No Claim Discount (NCD) Protector

Maintain your NCD upon renewal if:

  1. not more than one claim during the insured period
  2. no 3rd party bodily injury claim is involved
  3. total claim amount does not exceed 15% of the sum insured or HK$60,000 (after application of any excess), whichever is the lesser

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