The New HINO700 has been developed strongly focusing on three key aspects, implementing many ground breaking innovations that go beyond the boundaries of a conventional model change

  1. Comprehensive safety systems and driver assistance systems
  2. Enhanced utility contributing to enhanced working ease and efficiency
  3. Quality that lives up to customers’ trust

E13C Engine (12,913cc)

Max. output
410ps / 1,500 – 1,800rpm
480ps / 1,600-1,800rpm (44T Tractor)

24 & 30T Cargo
24 & 30T Dumper
38 & 44T Tractor

A09 Engine (8,866cc)

Max. output
360ps / 1,800rpm

30T Mixer
Max. loading 8m3
(Subjected to truck body and loaded material)


Functional Design

LED day time running light
Enhanced cab suspension

reduce shock by 35%. By reducing lateral vibration and shock, Hino700 improved riders’ comfort and reduce driver’s fatigue

LED rear
warning light
Powered left side
Enhanced right side mirrors
reduced blind spots

Increased cab tilt angle and enlarged front lid bring ease to inspection and saving maintenance time

Window wipe step
Enlarged front lid
facilitate daily maintanance
Cab tilt angle
increased to 65°


Versatility brings superior performance

7 speed manual transmission

ZF 16 speed automatic transmission

Shift selector
Turning the knob for N/D/R shift selection and D/R range SLOW mode selection
Sequential lever
Enables Auto/Manual mode selection and upshift / downshift with fingertip operation
Kick-down control
Enables quick down-shifting, enhancing safety
Eco mode & display
Controlling the engine speed to achieve fuel efficiency
Easy Smooth Start (ESS) System


People-centered design

The interior of HINO700 has a driver-centered design through adapting ergonomic features which bring comfort and safety to the drivers. Hence it reduces fatigue of drivers and enhances operation efficiency.

Factory-built 10-way adjusted air suspension driver seat
High performance
Factory-built 8-way adjusted driver seat (Standard feature for 30T mixer)
Arm distance control panel
7” LCD multi-info Chinese-English display
Steering wheel switches
LED ceiling lamp
Large flat tray and multi-stand


Advanced active safety system

PCS Pre-Collision System

When a vehicle or pedestrian on the road ahead is detected by front sensors, the system uses warnings and brake control to avoid collision or reduce collision damage

LDWS Lane Departure Warning System

When the image-based sensor at the front detects a departure from the driving lane, system alerts the driver

Staggering Warning

When staggering is detected, the driver is alerted with a warning

VSC Vehicle Stability Control

The system avoids vehicles to lose control on slippery road and at sharp corner

Driver Monitor (Optional feature)

Driver’s posture, face direction and open/closed state of eyelids are constantly detected. If insufficient attention is detected, driver will be alerted

ACC Adaptive Cruise Control

System uses millimeter wave radar to detect preceding vehicles and automatically maintains an appropriate distance. This reduces the need for the driver’s accelerator and brake operation, contributing to reducing fatigue. Vehicles’ distance control operates at the speeds of approximately 35-90km/hr. if the distance suddenly becomes too short, the system issues a warning. If there is a possibility of collision PCS is activated.

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