All new Euro 6 Hino300 series is engineered for excellent efficiency and comfort. The truck is agile yet capable of carrying high payload. Its powertrain delivers not only a powerful driving performance , but also superb durability, reliability and low running cost. With the ergonomic design, the multi-purpose cabin suits drivers of varying physiques, providing extended comfort & safety on the road. Available in 5.5-ton, 6.5 ton and 8.5-ton versions are environmental friendly.

Flexible, Fuel efficient and High Payload



Hydraulic Automatic Transmission

Durable ,fuel efficiency & less maintenance 6 speed automatic gear box .

Ergonomics Driver's Cab

Three-Point Seat Belts
Electric Folding
Left Mirror
Driver & Passenger Front Airbag
65mm - A Pillar
Foldable shift stick

"Straight Frame" Chassis

Buildable 89 Inch wide box

New 8.5 ton 300 series can build 89 inches wide box body, support two regular size pallets in parallel placement
Flat Surface Chassis Frame,
Pre-drilled body work holes reduce the truck body installation time

Cost Saving
  • All new chassis-customer can re-use existing truck body
  • Automatic Transmission can enjoy longer distance oil changing period than manual transmission.
Time Saving
  • Pre-drilled body work holes reduce the truck body installation time.

HINO 300 Crew Cab

DENSO 2nd row seats air conditioner system

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