DAKAR Rally 2017 - Route Information

Route Information

Dakar Rally 2017 Paraguay-Bolivia-Argentina

Organizers have finalized the host countries and route for Dakar Rally 2017, with Paraguay joining the ranks of host countries for the first time since the rally was relocated to South America in 2009. Together with Argentina and Bolivia, the event will be hosted by three nations in 2017.

The race is scheduled start off on January 2, 2017 from Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, and take contestants south toward the Argentinian border. Once in Argentina, the route will head north for Bolivian border. In Bolivia, the race will keep the teams at altitudes of no lower than 3,500 meters as they race north for La Paz, the country's capital, where they will take a day of rest on January 8.

At the beginning of the second half of the race, contestants will head south at 4,000-plus-meter altitudes along the eastern side of the Andes and skirt the Uyuni salt flats before re-entering Argentina. The Fiambalá desert in the western part of Argentina promises to be the highlight of the event.

Finally, after 13 torturous days of racing, contestants will finish in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on January 14, where they are expected to be cheered on by massive crowds at the winners’ ceremony.

Spanning a total distance of over 8,000 kilometers and featuring four stages in the highlands of Bolivia, this Dakar Rally once again promises to be the world's most grueling race.

Dakar Rally 2017 - Outline
Country Paraguay-Bolivia-Argentina
Distance 8,781km
Date January 2nd, 2017. Stage 1 (Asuncion, Paraguay)
January 8th, 2017. Rest day (La Paz, Bolivia)
January 14th, 2017. Stage 12 and Finish Ceremony (Buenos Aires, Argenitna)
Dakar Rally 2016 - Outline